Friday, 4 December 2015


Tell us about your label, Josephine, and what inspires your designs?
My label Josephene by Jo Lucchesi began with handbags. My design philosophy was, Celebrating your Uniqueness. My business grew locally with individual and boutique runs, of tailored and casual textile handbags and accessories. Seven years later, having heard hundreds of women talk about their lack of confidence about their changing bodies, not being able to find good fitting garments, and lacks within their wardrobes, I was inspired to do something about this. I started dressing women again. Now my design philosophy is, Providing styles, silhouettes and a personalised service to support my idea that women can love their reflection, enhance their shape and become fully alive.
How did you get into designing women's wear?
My Father was a Cutter in the Fashion Industry and I was his helper throughout high school. Having graduated from Fashion College in Adelaide, working as a freelance Pattern Maker and creating made to measure for hard to fit figures, I was thrilled to land the job as a Pattern Maker at R.M.Williams. I worked there for seven years in the Product Development section. My boss, an Italian Tailor took my knowledge to another level. R.M.Williams was a brilliant company to work for and I loved that job. During those years, I married a lovely man, had three gorgeous sons then moved to Mildura, rural Victoria. I thought that was the end of my career.
Creativity surged. My business began in my closet, expanded to the kitchen table, took over a bedroom [with a door – so exciting!]. Then, I’m so pleased to say, my husband project managed the building of my Studio. It’s next to our home, so I get to walk to work, and lock the door at the end of the day and walk home! Having teenage sons now, I am easily accessible for them. It’s perfect. So, in this beautiful space, I design, make patterns and manufacture gorgeous garments for real women. It’s what I’ve always done and what I’ve always loved.
When you're not working, what do you like to do for fun?
I have many wonderful people in my life, and I find it so enjoyable and replenishing to spend time with them, which always includes good coffee and good food. Quality time and nourishment. It fills my cup. I’m always so busy in my own story that I also find it a great hide away to watch someone else’s story, so I enjoy movies, too.

What brings you the most joy from your creative practice?
There is so much joy in hearing a woman say, how she feels so good, so comfortable in my designs; wears them lots; appreciates dresses with sleeves; loves the fit and quality. Most especially I find joy when she says that she feels beautiful in my designs as that speaks of gained confidence and acceptance of herself, too. That is a very special moment. Isn’t that the moment we all need?

What is it about Hustle&Scout that made you want to be involved?
I was drawn to the confidence and creativity Hustle&Scout is curated with. The line up looks amazing and I’m thrilled to be part of it this December!
Song on your ultimate mixtape:: Tina Arena, Don’t look back. Just love the line, I refuse to live an ordinary life. I sing it out loud on my road trips!
Guilty pleasure: Home made French toast – this means a very rare lazy Saturday morning at home with my family - love it.
Your role model/s: The women in my family. They are beautiful, strong, visionary, intelligent, hard working, resourceful, determined, loyal, loving, kind and fun to be with.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Kito 1981.

Tell us about your label, Kito 1981, and what the name means?

Kito means "element" in Swahili, and this word is the very foundation of the Kito 1981 brand.

Through a range of accessories – including handmade leather sandals, designer sunglasses and state-of-the-art headphones – Kito 1981 helps define style and create each individual's unique ‘element’.

All products from Kito 1981 are of premium design and maximum quality. Only the finest, selectively sourced materials are used. Kito 1981 is about staying true to the clean and classic aesthetic, and the brand is the raw, instinctive synthesis between personality, fashion and design.

Your Made in Greece Collection was inspired by history and the Cyclades Islands of Greece, tell us more about this...

Throughout the Kito 1981 collections, you will find elements of Greek history and European influence. This is mostly due to the founders' background.

Nikolina was born in Greece and grew up in the idyllic Santorini where her father still lives. Caitlin visited the island last summer for the first time and that’s where they had the idea of creating a collection made in Greece. This signified the birth of the Made in Greece Collection of handmade leather sandals.

The collection represents the rawness, simplicity and elegance of the Greek islands in its minimalistic aesthetic and distinct personality. It includes sandals named after iconic destinations such as Mykonos, Santorini and Paros.

How do you source your materials?
The finest European leather has been used for the Made in Greece Collection of handmade leather sandals. We have attended and participated in exhibitions around the world to source the best materials, and uncover inspiration for future collections.
What is the creative process behind your designs?

With the Made in Greece Collection, we were looking to channel the unique, timeless, historical style of ancient Greece – our inspiration came from music, art and history. Leather sandals have been made and worn in Greece for centuries, and the Kito 1981 collection reflects the classic, ever-enduring aesthetic of these ancient sandals.

Kito 1981 sandals are made using traditional methods for maximum durability and comfort. The brand’s aesthetic remains clean and classic across all designs, and all products are made to last.

What can market-folk expect to find at the December 5 event?
Visitors to our stall can expect to experience flashbacks to (or instant cravings for!) summer in Greece. They will find authentic, easy-to-wear handmade leather sandals, alongside a range of complementary accessories. And visitors will not be able to miss us, for our store will be presented as a blue-and-white Mediterranean holiday!
Fave fashion piece you own: Anything beach ready!
Meal to have cooked for you: Spanakopita.
Australian fashion designer: Dion Lee.
Item in your studio: Our camera.
Fave place to unwind: By the ocean.